Bob Paris Steroids Or Natural?

Bob Paris is a former professional, Mr. Universe, and top 10 Mr. Olympia finishes during the 80’s.

He has a lot of interest and talent in the Industry. Bob Paris is a public speaker, social activist, actor, writer, and the bodybuilder.

Bob Paris was born in 1959 and as he grew up, he took a part in a lot of activities like cycling and hiking.

American-Canadian writer, Actor, Public speaker, Civil rights activist, fashion designer, and written autobiographical fitness, and self-improvement books such as Natural fitness, self-improvement books.

The full name of Bob Paris is Robert Clark Paris and Era is 1980 and 1990.

Bob has taken an interest in the bodybuilding since old high school gym. His love and dedication to sports pushed him to the perfection of the body.

In 1989, Bob openly talks about gay in an Iron magazine in the history.

With this status, he is still competing professionally in the sport. Gay marriages are not allowed at the time of Bob but in 2003, the gay marriages are considered as legal. Thus, he easily got married to Brian in Canada.

There are many  prescription diet pills online like Phentermine which helps athletes to get lean body.

He worked very hard to gay marriages and then he finally achieves success to legalize gay marriages in all of the 50 states.

Bob is also active in the social media and posted a blog on his websites related to adventure, and bodybuilding also.

Bob Paris Statistics:

  • Height of the body: 5’10’’
  • Weight of the body: 215-225lbs (93.0-102.1kg)

According to the natural bodybuilding: A man with 5’10’’ height can easily gain 170lbs naturally while the Bob is heavier than 35 lbs.

Some of the people think that it is possible to build up naturally while most of the people claimed as drug use.

It is not wondered that small physique is a result of drugs, in the old or Golden era, everyone had done steroid practice because they were new in a market.

In the Muscle and fitness magazine: his weight is written as 248 pounds.

Bob is heaviest and biggest as the contest bodyweight was 220lbs combined with 2% of body fat and off-competition body fat percentage increased from 2% of body fat to 10%.

The weight of his body is constantly fluctuating. If you look at his recent pictures so, it seems like a de-transformation.

It looks that he used previously for maintaining his physique and then left the HGH and anabolic steroid consumption.

Bob Paris, Arnold Schwaezeger, And Ronnie Coleman:

Bob Paris is not so big as Lou Ferrigno and Ronnie Coleman. There is a possibility that he may achieve the physique naturally.

The Ronnie weight is 305-315 lbs with 5’11’’ height and Arnold weight is 225lbs with 6’3 height. Both of them are admitted to steroid use.

I’m very doubtful whether he is all natural or a steroid user.

The upper body also looks big along with ripped appearance.

The physique is all relates to the era.

Look at the Arnold Schwarzenegger pictures and statistics.

Does Bob physique similar to the Jay Cutler and Flex Wheeler?

There are many testosterone supplements in the market that help to build muscle for celebrities.

Respect Bob Paris because we always criticize the modern bodybuilders for their heavy look, bad aesthetic and poorly defined shape of the body.

Bob Paris Nutrition:

Bob eats a lot throughout his training. If you can afford foods, then you should eat 5 meals per day.

His diet basically consists of proteins, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients that are required by the body in a form of vegetable.

The Training:

Bob has discussed overall training in very detail. He has written many books over the years in which Flawless book covered over all key aspects of the training.

Some of his topics are also found in his other book “Natural fitness”. The topics are “10 best ways to establish your goals” and “10 best ways to build your self-esteem”.

Bob Paris discussed all the important aspects regarding workouts. He said: first you should set your goals and then begin work on them.

Bob Paris Tips:

  • Training with weights is successful and to prevent injury.
  • Perfect exercise is more important than lifting heavy weight.
  • Combination of motivational exercises, nutrition result is good.
  • You should make your diet balanced and clean.
  • Increasing amount of weight is responsible for making you stronger.
  • To know about perfect exercise helps you to differentiate between the appropriate pain, burning of muscle, and injurious pain.
  • Rest is very important.
  • The failures may increase focus and concentration.

Bob Paris Steroids:

Bob was against the steroid use over many years. He does not like a lot of drugs and a beast like a body.

We do not know the actual steroids, but according to his physique, he much more likely to run below steroid cycle:

Some of the most common anabolic steroids that are used in the Golden era which are as follows:


We do not know the actual situation, but Bob could have used steroids.

The article is based on information and entertainment purposes only.

There are no any physical signs of steroids are observed in the body. It seems like he uses the steroids in a moderate range.

If you have read Phenq review yet you would know how it works to burn fat for celebrities for years.

Bob loves for the arts and the sports pushed him into a successful life. He spreads a positive message to everyone.

He was not only the best bodybuilder of all the time. He is also hard working, determines and reflective man.

With a help of mindset, consistency, and drive you can develop an incredible physique.